Enter JAM x AMW Contest For a Chance to Win Free PR Campaign with Times Square Exposure

ATTENTION ALL MUSICIANS!! You could have the chance to win a FREE 90-day PR campaign, which includes blog placements, reviews, and interviews across AMW’s network. And the best part . . . the opportunity to expose your latest single, album, or music video in Times Square, New York!

Music Maker JAM is an app available on iOS and Android that allows listeners and creators the ability to not only listen to new music but to reimagine and remix tracks through hundreds of Mix Packs so they can put a unique spin on their song. JAM is releasing a new app called Loudly that will provide a social music community with a set of new features designed to bridge the gap between creators and fans, including video integration & social curation.

This summer, AMW is working with Music Maker JAM to provide the opportunity of a lifetime for a talented artist. To enter the JAM x AMW contest, you must first download Loudly, a free app available on both iOS and Android, which will give you free access to the Crews Control Mix Pack on the Music Maker JAM app. From there, start creating your masterpiece!

Best Song: Grand Prize

The main winner will be chosen by our AMW’s jury. To enter this category, just post your song in the Music Maker JAM community with the hashtags #crewscontrol and #loudly.

The winner will get:

  • AMW 90 Day PR Campaign w/ Times Square exposure:
    AMW’s Digital Boost Premium Campaign is the perfect way to increase exposure for your new single, album or music video. You’ll get blog placements, reviews, and interviews across AMW’s network. Get seen in Times Square NYC with AMW’s billboard exposure.
  • 5,000 Beat Coins (Music Maker JAM Mix Pack Credits)
  • AMW Pro – Yearly subscription
  • Promotion on Loudly and Loudly social media, including an in-depth interview
  • Mastering and distribution from the JAM studio
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Best Song: Runner-Up

The Runner Up will get:

  • A brand new iPad 9.7 inch
  • 2,500 Beat Coins
  • AMW Pro – Yearly subscription
  • Promotion on Loudly and Loudly social media

Popularity Prize

For this category, you’ll need to share your video on YouTube. Include a title and the #Crewscontrol and #Loudly hashtags in your video description and you will be automatically considered for this prize. The video that has gained the most likes on YouTube by 16th July 2018 will win.

The winner will get:

  • Beats – Studio 3 Headphones
  • 2,500 Beat Coins
  • AMW Pro – Yearly subscription

Crews Reward

In addition to our main prizes, we’ll be giving all winners the possibility to share your success with your Crew. All you have to do to enter is set up a Crew in Loudly and include the Crew name in your hashtags when posting your Crews Control mix. If you have more than five members in your crew and manage to win one of our other prizes, we’ll also give each of those members:

  • 1,000 Beat Coins for each Crew member
  • Promotion on Loudly and Loudly social media for the Crew
  • Special in-depth interview with the Crew

You don’t want to miss this chance. It’s time for you to show your talents and let your voice be heard. Good luck!

Special Jammer Discount

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AMW Music PR


Music Maker JAM



Contest Rules

Jammers are free to use any Mix Packs except for artist collaboration Mix Packs (JAM X …)

  • The track you submit can be of any genre of music. There are no restrictions on this!
  • The competition closes on July 16th 2018, no songs entered after this date will be considered
  • Tracks need to include at least 5 loops of the ‘Crews Control’ Mix Pack!
  • To compete for the Best Song Prize, the tracks have to be posted in Music Maker JAM with the hashtags #crewscontrol and #loudly
  • Original vocals, recorded via Voice Recording on Music Maker JAM are recommended!! LOUDLY <3 Creativity
  • Each track must be no longer than 6 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
  • To compete in the Popularity Prize, after posting your track on your community profile (remember to include the hashtag #crewscontrol), you will need to use our sharing feature and post your track on your YouTube channel. Include a title and the #Crewscontrol#Loudly #Makesomenoise #AMW and hashtags in your video description and you will be automatically considered for this prize. The video that has gained the most likes on YouTube by 16th July 2018 will win! Good luck!
  • No other software/app can be used to create your song besides Music Maker JAM
  • Only 1 track can be submitted per Jammer
  • Only new tracks posted during the contest duration (2nd-16th July) will be taken into consideration
  • Likes and plays in the community won’t be taken into consideration when defining the Best Song Prize
  • For the Crews Reward, to have Beatcoins awarded to yourself and your crew members in Music Maker JAM, you MUST have set up a crew in Loudly before the closing date of the competition. Crew members added after the closing date will not be eligible to be awarded Beatcoins (16th July)
  • Winners of the Best Song Prize will be selected by the AMW jury. The decision made by them is final
  • Prizes will be provided to winners in the form of gift cards (in the amount of each products US store price).
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