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Our Music PR agency has been at the forefront of sound for two decades. We work alongside Major labels, Multi-platinum Superstars and Independent artists alike. Music PR isn’t about just any kind of public awareness; it has to be the right type of awareness. Our job isn’t just to market you and your image, our job is to help you define your brand and get your music in the right hands. We help build your career by securing the right interviews, getting your music in front of editors and industry gatekeepers. By customizing a strategy just for you, we help create the buzz which leads to the hottest clubs playing your hit single, having radio and internet tastemakers recommend your music to their audiences; the people who truly matter when it comes to discovering new music.


Over 180,000 Media Contacts

Build your presence and reach major milestones with a customized project strategy. Our team has a huge rolodex of media contacts ready to receive your pitch. We also work closely with journalists and editors contributing content to their latest stories. Our clients have been covered in Billboard, All Hip Hop, Pitchfork and many more.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be the next featured producer, writer or artist to get major coverage!


What Can The Best Music PR Do For You?

The ability to influence the taste of society is a skill we have developed in the two decades our firm has been in the music business. When you work with us, you have a global network of journalists, bloggers, reviewers, editors, personalities, DJs, event managers, and more behind you to promote your music. We get to know you. We won’t just send out your music to anyone and everyone, we target contacts in our network that will are looking for an artist just like you. That’s why our network is so strong and efficient, because the people who are connected to us know we always come to them with something they’ll want to hear. Because of the close relationships and rapport we’ve built over the years, our contacts know that when we send them the music of a new artist, it’s going to be something they want to hear.

Music is meant to be heard

Music only lives when it’s being heard. Sure, you are making amazing music, you have a fresh voice, you know that you can take over the airwaves, and you can get people all around the world to groove to your beat. Music isn’t supposed to be on a CD, on Vinyl, or on an internet server. It is supposed to be heard, playing in earphones of people riding the subway, blaring from car speakers, playing at parties, being played while someone sits alone in the room and absorbs it. Every artist's greatest desire is to be recognized; to be accepted as a visionary and recognized for a sound that is worth listening to.

Focus on your art - we handle the PR

An artist belongs in the studio or performing in front of thousands of adoring fans. When you work with us you don’t have to worry about your music pr efforts. You just have to work on your sound and to keep on innovating, developing and growing as an artist. What will we be doing in the meanwhile? We will be working on getting you interviews, blog placements and magazine features, writing press releases, optimizing your social media, creating launch strategies, and ensuring that your music reaches the ears it was made for and touches the souls it was made to touch. Music is powerful and we work to ensure that your music isn’t wasted by not being heard.


Experienced with all Music Genres

Pop (Popular music)
Hip Hop / Rap
Alternative Music
Asian Pop (J-Pop, K-pop)

Electronic Music / EDM
Country Music
R&B / Soul
Indie Pop

Classical Music
Latin Music
Singer / Songwriter
World Music


Elline - Music Release

We had the pleasure of supporting Elline's debut EP "Stained Glass". LA-based singer and songwriter Elline is carving a musical style of her own. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, her lyrical themes create genuine, multifaceted songs, challenging listeners’ perspectives and encouraging them to a reflective journey.

The campaign included media outreach to a number of publications in addition to launch support, social media optimization and national press distribution.


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