AMW Launches New Personal Branding Course AMW Pro

AMW Pro Course Teaches Members How to Effectively Build & Maintain their Personal Brand

Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2019 — Building a personal brand is a daunting experience, requiring a lot of time and effort with little to no guarantee of success. For professionals, entrepreneurs, and entertainers, great ideas often never see the light of day because of the difficulties of turning them into profit. For those with promising ideas and talents, it is ideal to get consulting and campaign help from experts; however, it is not always realistic.

On May 24th, AMW launches a product designed for those who are just starting out in the brand building process. AMW Pro is a course with a set of lessons suitable for entertainers and professionals looking to expand their knowledge on how to build a brand. The first batch of lessons – The Essentials Track – is applicable to any type of brand. After completing those, AMW Pro members can advance to either the Entertainer’s Track or Professionals Track and unlock more industry-specific topics.

The content of the course includes how-to guides such as how to attract a social media following, how to write a mission statement or social bio, how to grow your brand organically and how to use visual branding to stand out from others.

When you’re building a personal brand, your online presence is your own digital fingerprint. It’s how people define your business and your products. Content truly is king these days and it’s so important for brands to remain relevant and interesting on the digital landscape. While there’s no one way to present a brand to the public, there are several ways to create fresh and engaging content, profiles and presentations that will get peoples attention. No matter where your dreams are taking you, AMW Pro will help clients pave their way to success with useful tips and lessons.

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AMW Pro is compatible with all popular browsers and mobile devices. Members get instant updates to the course material and receive special offers on AMW Group’s services, including professional copywriting, pr campaigns, press releases, and social growth services.

About AMW Pro

AMW Pro is the eLearning portal for professionals, entertainers, and entrepreneurs designed to help build powerful personal brands. Learn at your own pace and access proven strategies developed by industry veterans. To subscribe visit

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AMW Group is the marketing and entertainment group that provides a wide array of services and results-based solutions for top brands. Founded in 1997, AMW prides itself on providing effective marketing, communications and event platforms. The company has built a large network of partners and close business relationships with entities all over the world. For more information about AMW Group, go to

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