Entertainment Marketing: A Proven Way of Advertising and Product Branding

Since the world is saturated with numerous kinds of entertainment, it has become an advantage for companies to make use of it in promoting their brands.  Businesses have long realized the role that the world of entertainment plays in their success. Big companies would invest millions of dollars to have their products promoted in a popular TV show or endorsed by a well-known celebrity. For those interested in understanding the depth and nuances of this approach, here’s an insightful article offering a brief introduction to entertainment marketing.

The use of entertainment in marketing products, services, films and shows involves the employment of different entertainment concepts from celebrity endorsements to the more intricate projects like developing a promotional campaign. Entertainment marketing can mean two things: 1) marketing entertainment products through celebrity endorsements, television, concert sponsorship and 2) utilizing the world of entertainment to popularize a brand (like displaying a product in a film, featuring a brand in a morning show).

Advertising and Publicity

One of the core aspects of entertainment marketing is advertising. Movies and television shows would never be successful without advertising. Different production companies make use of TV commercials airing movie advertisements, events, billboards, mall tours, and local shows just to promote a particular film or TV programs. In this rapidly evolving landscape, apart from traditional advertising, brands are also exploring innovative methods to capture audience attention. For example, publicity stunts have emerged as a powerful tool to generate buzz and get people talking. This ultimate guide provides deeper insights into crafting a successful publicity stunt and highlights some of the best PR stunts ever executed.

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Aside from promoting them to the public, entertainment advertisers often research and manage events targeting specific groups of people from teenagers to college students to moms and business owners. Also, publicizing an grand concert and making announcements to general newspapers and publishing magazines telling people stories of their favorite stars is another way of entertainment promotional campaign.

Product Branding

For companies, sponsoring celebrities, show, and films is a proven way of marketing.  In movies, branding is seen in some parts of it when characters go out and dine at McDonalds or some other fancy restaurants, or when the leading lady flaunts her Prada bag. Even the venue of tapings is used to popularize a brand. In entertainment marketing, the products are displayed in films and shows in such way that they will be noticed by the general public.

Branding can also be established using celebrity endorsements. The legendary Tiger Woods had been a known endorser of Nike Shoes which is said to be the 31st most valuable brands in the world according to annual Business Week’s global top 100 brand survey. Nike claims celebrity endorsement as a powerful aspect of its success story.

Basically, the public cares about what their idols are saying and what they see on the TV. Branding has become a major part of promoting all sorts of entertainment products including stars and performers.

Market research is indispensable to entertainment marketing. Businesses want to know how their target audience responds to promotional stimuli and which marketing strategies work. Research will tell marketers whether movies are selling or whether the company has gained increased income after doing a press release.

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Technology and Latest Online Trends

The newest aspect of entertainment marketing is the use of online marketing. Today, people vote for the person they want to get evicted from the Big Brother’s House through phone and through the web. Concert fanatics will buy tickets and reserve seats in concert halls using their internet. Almost all TV shows, actresses/actors have their own websites and even make use of Tweeter and Facebook.

Other processes involved in marketing entertainment products and establishing brands are web viral marketing, live entertainment promotions, media coverage, and campaigns.

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