How Branding Can Help You Avoid Being a One Hit Wonder

We all know those bands that create that one great song and then we never hear from them again. All of the success and fame for a quick 15 minutes and the spotlight dims faster than it appeared. These artists are genuinely talented but one thing usually gets in the way and that’s branding. Branding is the key to longevity in the music industry. We’re rounding up some key tips for you so you can avoid becoming a one-hit wonder.

Know Who You Are

Branding is key to helping both you and your fans understand who you are as an artist. If you know who you are, it will be easier for your fans to connect with you and want to continue following your follow. People don’t follow what they are connected to. Make sure you’re clear about your values so you can attract a good, quality audience.


One thing branding demands is consistency. Even if you don’t have a new song ready at the moment, keep fans engaged with genuine content on your social media. Hire an agent or manager that can help you book appearances between the releases of new material. But you should always be writing or trying to create the next content you want to release. Consistency with your release dates will let people know that you are more than a one-hit wonder. You’re serious about your craft and have the music catalog to back it up.

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Be Real

A quick way to become a one-hit wonder is to pretend you’re something that you’re not. Give fans a true sense of who you are by utilizing free tools like social media. Let them know that you’re human just like them. That despite fan, you’re a regular person just trying to make it big. Give your audience sneak peeks into your daily life using Instagram stories and post engaging content that reflects your core beliefs.  

Humility/Give Back

As an artist, it’s important to remember where you come from. Sometimes you have to get out of the limelight and try the do something that truly matters. A lot of artists become one-hit wonders after they taste success and then think it’s okay to become rude, obnoxious and forget where they come from. A good way to combat this is to remain humble by volunteering in your community and showing some humility. Remember to be kind to everyone on your way up because you will most likely see them again on your way down.

Keep Up With Trends

There is a way to be yourself but still utilize trends to enhance your brand. Jump on hashtags that are trending, try a dance challenge, etc. But always remember to put your own spin on it so that you stand out. Your willingness to stand relevant should never compromise your morals or values though so only contribute to these trends if you truly believe they are on brand for you.

Think in Terms of the Future

Hit songs come every once in a while. It’s important to remember this on your journey. You can’t control how your next song will be perceived so keep going because you never know what will come of your next song.

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