How to Effectively Promote Your New Single

Unless you’ve got a major label behind you, it’s quite a task to promote your music. The internet offers an easy way for musicians to get in touch with their fans and promote their albums or singles. But with the competition in the music industry, you have to plan your marketing strategy carefully so as to reach your ideal fans.

If you want to promote your music more effectively and make your new single popular among your fans, the following tips should work for you:

Use Social Media

In this digital era, social media presence has become a must-have for businesses. The same goes for singers who use different social platforms to share their creations with their fans.

These platforms allow you to promote your singles for free by creating pages and groups, or via paid advertisement. You can share your music videos with the target fans and encourage them to share the content in their social circle. However, promoting a music video requires a special touch. For a more comprehensive approach to video promotion, consider checking out AMW’s video promotion. If you want to target your ideal fans based on their interests, you should go for paid ads to achieve the desired results.

Update Your Website

Every professional singer needs a professional website. So, create a website and make it more interactive. Promote your single on your website and make it easy for visitors to purchase your music or tickets for upcoming performances or tours.

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Make sure you keep your website up-to-date so that visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for.

Add a Call-to-Action

So, you’ve released a new single and want to promote it via online ads?

You can advertise your music via different platforms including search engine ads, display ads, and retargeting ads. But if you forget top add a relevant call-to-action, your efforts will go in vain.

Not only should the ad contain information about your new single, it should also guide your fans how they can listen to it. You may have published it on a video sharing platform such as YouTube or perhaps you are selling it through your website. A relevant CTA will help you achieve the goals why you started the advertising campaign in the first place.

Target Businesses

Aside from reaching out to individual fans, you should also consider contacting businesses. Look out for event organizers, radio channels, and established musicians. Since they have a bigger audience than you, they can help you expand your fan base.

Build relationships with business people who can promote your talent. When influencers and established businesses promote your singles, you’ll be able to attract fans more easily.

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