How Twitter Has Revolutionized The Way We Interact with Customers


Regular interaction with customers has always been a cornerstone of good business. However, the ways in which people accomplish that goal has changed throughout the course of history. Nowadays, Twitter has almost universally become the method of choice for interacting with customers for a great deal of businesses. How has it revolutionized these interactions? Read on to find out!

Direct Contact

In the recent past, individuals eager to shop at a particular  vendor might never have had to contact the store itself to do so. Shopping online was really only as simple as clicking a few buttons, with no direction or incentives besides the obvious. Many customers would purchase goods right from the website and not speak with anyone in the company at all. Now though, they are able to directly connect with the entity when they utilize the power of Twitter. This site allows for direct contact – which builds consumer loyalty in many ways.

Answering Questions

It can take days for a question to be answered when it is sent via email or snail mail. With phone messages, the wait period can be longer. Generally, businesses will have one person or one group of people who is specifically in charge of Twitter. As a result, consumer questions are answered much more quickly, and on a large platform so that others can see this answer too. However, companies must make sure they’re actually addressing the need by having employees who respond to the inquiries in a sufficient time period.


While many customers are going to write praise and ask questions on a Twitter feed, others are certainly going to air their complaints. People are learning that writing complaints on social media tools is an excellent way to get heard, and they are really utilizing this immense power. Once again, those who are in charge of the Twitter feed really need to be focused and make sure they are handling complaints as soon as they come in. Failure to do so means that people are going to become annoyed, and it also means that all of the other people looking at your Twitter are going to see that no one has responded. In other words, Twitter is a double-edged sword. Careful! Use it wisely 🙂

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Promoting Events

Quite a number of businesses have special events for customers throughout the year. You can use traditional paper advertisements to get the word out, but if you really want people to come, then it’s always best to get social media involved. This way, you’ll be able to connect with many more people than before. Make sure you are building up anticipation. Let people know how many days are left until the event finally happens or the new product finally comes out on the market.

Twitter is truly a revolutionary tool, and it has changed the way we interact with consumers in so many different ways. Remember though – it can promote both positive and negative feedback. As a result, you need to be ready to handle both types of feedback and to address concerns effectively too!

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