3 Ways Captivating Visuals Can Peak Consumer Interest

Humans are visual. Sure, we read and we listen, but nothing hits us the way visuals do. In the long term reading and listening to sounds is actually much more powerful than just visuals, but nothing has the power to captivate more powerfully than visuals. If you see a great piece of art it takes a few seconds for your brain to realize how amazing it is. On the other hand a good book or a good piece of music will take some time for you to come to appreciate it.

If you want consumers to be interested in what you are selling you need to have captivating visuals. Here are three ways visuals can help you out:

Visuals catch the eye

This is why visuals will always be the most important part of getting the consumer’s interest. Professionally designed marketing materials and branding will immediately catch the eye. You can’t convince anyone to try your products if they never consider using your products. On the other hand if you catch their eye using captivating visuals they’ll be interested in finding out more about what is behind the visuals. This is also why companies focus so much on packaging and branding; they know that without it their products will not sell. You cannot make a pitch to someone who never stops and listens to you and captivating visuals are a great way of getting the opportunity to pitch you product to the consumers.

Visuals are memorable

It is remarkably easy for us to remember the things we saw. We all remember many of the visuals from back when we were young. Most of the first memories we have are visual; we don’t really remember what was being said to us at the time or what it sounded like, but we remember the visuals. A good motif will allow people to remember you and recognize your brand anywhere they see. Big organizations spend millions of dollars on creating their logos and color schemes because they know that captivating visuals are the easiest way to create long lasting impressions that the consumer will remember when they have a need for the product..

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Visuals give your brand character

If you want to pique the consumer’s interest you need to give your brand some character. Maybe you can make people think that your brand is intense by using the color red. You could give it a happy feel by using yellow in your branding. You could even make things look mysterious by using purple. Nothing gives off an elite vibe the way black or silver does. All these are examples which show how captivating visuals can easily change the way your customers perceive you. With the right visuals people will be able to associate emotions and personality with your brand and to your products as well. The best part is that people will actually begin to identify with your brand and start thinking that your brand defines them in some way.

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