New Social Media App ConnectSocial® Inc Beta Release July 9th

ConnectSocial® Inc Creates Social Network That Makes Privacy a Priority

Los Angeles, CA – June 6, 2018 — Palo Alto is home to a huge number of successes in the tech industry, and it’s about to boast about one more, ConnectSocial® (“Connect ). ConnectSocial® is a new social media app that gives users an alternative to Facebook. Features social media users have come to expect, like the ability to share posts, instant messaging, create pages and groups, like and comment on posts, and send event invites are all possible with ConnectSocial. The platform boasts additional features and thoughtful touches to the user experience that resonate.

With the recent security breaches of major online companies and platforms, online privacy has become a top priority for internet users. ConnectSocial® was conceived to provide an online forum where privacy was a key component and not just an afterthought. Users data will be kept secure, and other privacy settings will make it easy to block, hide and disable other users posts.

The primary goal of ConnectSocial® is to bring people together and facilitate social integration among members. By liking, sharing and commenting on other users ConnectSocial® posts, users create and maintain essential relationships. Connect Social’s chat function allows users to interact in real-time and allows them to share text, photos, and even location.

Connect Social’s defining feature is that it is ad-free so users can focus on their content free of distractions. In addition, the self-moderating community provides a safe environment built on respect. Users can hide or report content they feel is inappropriate to the ConnectSocial® team who will investigate and remove the flagged content. ConnectSocial® will be available for download on IOS and Android devices on July 9th.

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About ConnectSocial® Inc

ConnectSocial® is a revolutionary social networking platform founded in 2018 in Palo Alto, CA. ConnectSocial® Inc identified the need for an alternative to Facebook and other major social networking apps, and ConnectSocial® was born. The paid app offers users multiple benefits included greater security, an ad-free experience, and a self-moderating community along with other standard features such as the ability to post and share photos, videos, form groups and comment on other users photos and videos.


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