Similarities between Cooking and Creating a Good Social Media Post

With mobile apps, people tend to live, breathe, and eat on social media. Marketers would have an easier time if they just understood this fact, so if you’re looking to cook up a good social media post, it would work in your favor to realize the similarities between cooking and crafting a good social media post. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the following elements.

Fresh Produce Has the Most Flavor

When you cook fresh produce, you can feel the flavor on your palette. Just like you can taste the difference between freshly baked pizza and store bought pizza, your consumers can tell when you are recycling or not producing fresh content. While they might consume it, it will still not produce as many results as using something fresh will produce.

It’s all about the Prepping

Prepping for a meal takes the most time; requiring you to gather the smaller ingredients which you then dice, grate and pulverize to add flavor to your dish. Similarly, you need to prep for your social media post. Do your research. Study your target audience and your competition before you start to post to get the maximum results. It might be time consuming but the end result is well worth it. Just like you can tell how much time someone spent in prepping a dish, the amount of time someone spent in prepping for their content is also visible to the reader.

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Treat the Main Ingredient with Respect

When cooking, the main ingredient is the star of the dish. You never overcook a good cut of steak because the end result is something unpalatable. Likewise, always make sure your social media post is to the point and doesn’t derail the reader from the main goal of the post. If you’re posting about a sale, don’t make it the afterthought in the post; that’s your main ingredient and it has to be the star.

Always Remember to Season Well

Seasoning brings a dish to life; a good steak is only cooked with salt and pepper that complements the flavor in the meat. Salmon tastes amazing with lemon sprinkled on top. Even for spicy foods, the spices used in it tantalize the taste buds. In your social media posts, you should be spicing it up with content that complements the main body. In this case, your SEO and Google Adwords are going to be the salt and pepper. Remember to use in moderation though, since over seasoning can also ruin a good dish as well as hamper the effectiveness of your social media post.

Serve with the Right Accoutrements

You never serve steak with a spork; you serve it with a steak knife and a fork that makes short work of the delicious meal. Similarly, to allow people to enjoy your social media post, always link it, include video content or images that enable your consumers to consume the post in the right manner. Give them the right tools and your audience will come flocking to you. As with cooking, social media posting is something that you get better at the more that you do.

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