Lead Generation for IT and Technology Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

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Lead generation emerges not just as a strategy but as the pivotal cornerstone of success in the technology sector. For both heavyweight IT corporations and agile startups venturing into the tech world, mastering potent lead-generation strategies becomes a critical mission. It’s a quest to survive and thrive, profoundly influencing their growth trajectory and market visibility. This comprehensive guide is meticulously crafted to inspire and equip technology and software companies with …

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What is Tech PR? Exploring the Future of Technology PR

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Technology Public Relations, commonly referred to as Tech PR, is a specialized field within the public relations domain, focusing on the promotion and reputation management of companies in the tech sector. Technology companies strategically communicate to build mutually beneficial relationships with their public. Tech PR differs from traditional PR in its focus on the technology industry, including everything from consumer to enterprise tech solutions. The core objective of tech PR …

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AMW Welcomes New PR Client ConnectSocial®

 ConnectSocial® is a revolutionary social networking platform founded in 2018 in Palo Alto, CA. ConnectSocial® Inc identified the need for an alternative to Facebook and other major social networking apps, and ConnectSocial® was born. The paid app offers users multiple benefits included greater security, an ad-free experience, and a self-moderating community along with other standard features such as the ability to post and share photos, videos, form groups and …

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ConnectSocial® Inc to Release Beta Version of New Social Media App on July 4th

Online Privacy is a Key Component of New Social Network New York, NY – June 27, 2018 — With recent news of security breaches of major online companies and social network platforms, privacy has become a top priority for social media users. That’s why new social media app ConnectSocial® provides a reliable alternative to Facebook. Along with top-notch privacy features, ConnectSocial® still contains the elements that social media users are familiar with, …

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