Ways to Promote a New Project Release as a Musician

Completing a new project is an exciting thing as an Artist; however, can be very time-consuming as well when it comes to planning how to put it in the hands of an audience. From deciding how you want to market it, how it should come across and be published, and how you want to get your fans raving about your newest work. There should always be a good strategy for your project release as a Musician as it can effectively help the project do well and reach good numbers overnight! 

There are different strategies that you can do like hire someone for this type of task, invest in music promotion, and get publishing agencies involved. If you’re looking into optimizing video promotion specifically, which is an essential aspect of today’s music industry, video promotion can be a valuable resource. But for now, here are some tips that you can utilize to put in the work for yourself aside from hiring others:

Get Influencers involved

The most trending way to getting a song going viral is utilizing influencers. Specifically the talented Tiktokers. Tiktok has been great to exponentially reach a larger audience and make new things become trending as influencers on TikTok are known for doing ranges of dancing to the latest songs and putting together challenges which also transfers over to other platforms like IG. This is a great tactic to use for showcasing new projects to your audience and to attract new listeners as well.

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 Projects could innocently go viral on Tiktok when you get the right influencer to maybe set up a dance trend or challenge and get them to use your song. This can be just as effective as hiring a professional service to get a larger reach on products and a fun more personable way to put your music in front of the right audience. When establishing this strategy and testing to see how it works for your project on the TikTok platform, you should then try to recycle promotions from TikTok and posting them on IG reels to reach different audiences and to overall make your project presence available on other platforms to create buzz for a bigger reach. 

Instagram Live Chat

Doing the bare minimum and utilizing resources that you already have to connect with your audiences like IG live Video or even the newest app Clubhouse can be a good way to get your new project release out there. Sometimes the most effective way to do things is to just connect, talk and put the time in to get your work across to others, and setting up Lives to share opinions with your audience or to invite them in to chat about your newest release can help in a major way.

Clubhouse App

The clubhouse app has been a very popular app to attract more supporters and to network as well. With this new drop-in audio app, you’re able to connect with people in ways that we haven’t before as everything is live and customized to your interest. As a musician, this is a powerful resource to use to share music with audiences of big groups within the app and you can refer them to check out your music and it is actually very effective. What makes this app effective for growing a brand and networking is that it’s not like Instagram where you are just posting photos and connecting with a like and comment for a second and moving on, but you can authentically engage by speaking to others, representing your brand by presenting it in the audio chats and build relationships. 

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Share it

A lot of times we forget the power of our own audience and that we have on us being on social media day today. Just simply promoting ourselves before going to others can help with using our voice and promoting via Instagram posts or stories. Before investing in other services it’s always good to take a step back and see what ways we can provide value in ourselves and see what support we already have to start off.

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