Why Clubhouse Is The Newest Resource For Musicians And Influencers

Clubhouse - Mobile app

As we know, The newest social-invite and audio-only app “Clubhouse” has been the talk of the town these past few months with it just being in its beta version. This app is only for iPhone users and is rumored to be available for android users in the next 2 months. With the app only being in its beta stages and haven’t yet reached its final form, this app has been great for people to really kick off their businesses, connecting with high-status celebrities, motivational speakers, business owners and has really pointed people in the right direction with gaining an audience and networking the right way to start their brand.

There are a ton of rooms dedicated to your interests, and very customizable to people’s preferences because of the option to join rooms based on those topics. As influencers, musicians, or business owners or if you’re just someone that wants to find your passions and get tips advice or tell your story to see where you fit in; Clubhouse is the reason why people are raving about the invite-only app and it’s really not a lot of marketing the company has to do as people are really getting the word out there for them.

Here’s everything you need to know about Why Clubhouse is the newest resource for musicians and influencers

Customized rooms

Podcast - Los Angeles
Trailblazing podcast host and women in tech superconnector, Espree Devora, becomes the face of the Clubhouse app. Espree is a podcast producer and host championing women in tech globally while also building community in the Los Angeles tech eco system aka “Silicon Beach.” She’s been selected to be the new icon of Clubhouse, 2020’s most influential audio social networking app. The app alters their icon every couple of months to a new member in the Clubhouse community.

As a musician or influencer, getting into rooms that are customized to your needs to speak in will be the most efficient way to getting the most out of the Clubhouse app. Once you’re invited and set up your profile, you’ll be able to see a hallway full of different rooms that you can join in and have live audio chats. 

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Influencer rooms 

As an Influencer, the most enjoyable rooms to be apart of to give advice and value to others would be rooms surrounding topics of how to work with brands, Instagram growth tips, and hacks, how to scale your business as influencers, and more! When you’re invited to speak on stage in these rooms and better yet become a moderator for the group, you are then able to give others value and gain some followers as there are many people listening in that could use the help. This has been a major, instant way of growing a community and why clubhouse has been a game-changer for growing a following overnight.

Get Signed As A Musician

As a musician, there are many rooms to be apart of for taking your music to the next level and to gain an audience. There are specific rooms for sharing your music and playing demos of your projects to grow your fan base as well. In these rooms, there are some top people that are taking time out to listen to upcoming artists to potentially find collaborations for other artists they may be working with or to get more lineups on their roster to sign! 

There have been many testimonies of people being signed from spending so much time on the app and from sharing their music with their peers, to having opportunities to connect with people to get them on billboards, having the opportunity to be in the studio and work on new projects with well-known artists and new talents and more. The opportunities are endless and joining these intense engaging rooms can be very intimidating and can build anxiety to share your music live with others, but building up the confidence to doing your pitch or showing your talents and getting through those 30 seconds will be worth the while!

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Make Your own Club/Rooms

One of many clubhouse features is that others are allowed to make their own clubs and invite others to join so that they can be notified whenever they go live and host room chats. Whether you’re interested in creating a club that involves music, social media, or business, this can be an effective way to engage more with the community you’ve already built on the platform and can set you up for success by being a source for others to connect with more people.

There are many people that choose to stay on this App for half of the day because of the amount of Networking they get done and potential Customers you can get from sharing your Brand, Product, or Service.

This App is strongly recommended for productivity, scoping out new opportunities, and connecting with others all over the world. 

Want an Invite?

The easiest way to join the newest Clubhouse app is to ask a friend that is already involved on the app for an invite. This is a guaranteed way to enter and check it out; Otherwise, you can download the app to join and reserve a username, but it can take a while for those to get in because Clubhouse leaves your application to join pending and most have to wait until it’s approved to join.

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