Why you Need a Professional Social Media Profile like LinkedIn

linkedin_profile_exampleLearning about changes happening to your past contacts, updates in education status, and also as a safety net of sorts if things get lean are among the many reasons to have a professional social media profile. From the management standpoint, it’s a good way to look through talent while on the hunt for the perfect new employee, and see who endorses their skills. Just like any social media network, the beginning can seem like there is not enough going on for you, but your best contacts will come with time, and you can search by industry and city. A good rule of thumb for the network is that once you have around 100 or so contacts, you earn credibility; those searching you will know that you are endorsed and spoken for. Billed as “The Myspace for adults”, there are  many reasons to have a professional social media profile.

1. It focuses on only the business end

One of the best things about Linkedin is that a lot of info not related to business is not included. Game apps, frequent birthday pictures, random thoughts, and the like is for the most part not a part of the news feed. While social media has really made popular the personal info about dating, music preferences, and what you are eating that evening, there is a very nice element of getting to the point. A potential employer or other individual that wants to connect with you can see what you are doing now, what you have done in the past, and who you know backs you up on your claims. Add to that the mutual understanding that small favors can be negotiated through private messages and you have quite a dynamic black book of sorts for contacts.

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2. The internship angle

While it has been said that it could be harder than ever to get an internship and a record number are now unpaid, young and aspiring students who choose this avenue to network can likely be rewarded. There is a general attitude among LinkedIn users that once you have responded to someone via personal message, you can endorse their skills, talk them up, or otherwise help them in their near future. The internship angle is ever important in landing a full time job in the future, and once you have your foot in the door, the sky could be the limit as long as you perform well. Getting a jump on your nationwide contacts is a great idea before the career game starts, and many young users are boosting their online presence immensely with the tools offered.

3. Generating first class leads

No matter what kind of business it is that you have, you will always want an influx of customers asking you to do what you do best and get paid for. With other users endorsing you, your current position reflected well, and a professional looking picture of yourself, after a bit you are bound to get solid inquiries about what exactly it is that you specialize in. We have heard many stories about users who came home one day to the ultimate request of “I need exactly what it is you offer. How quickly can you get it done?” While many marketers think that it is the business home page or landing URL that attracts these inquiries, a well set up LinkedIn profile can really take someone places where it counts in getting new business inquiries and users who spread the word about your dynamic output and skills.

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