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AMW has experience in successful sponsorship negotiations with roles on both sides of the table. We now provide entities looking to improve their sponsorship programs with consulting services that include: Sponsorship Proposal development, Advisory and Opportunity evaluation, Sponsorship Program Development and more.

Industry Expertise


We represent notable music and film festival properties that offer attractive sponsorship and activation opportunities for their sponsor partners.


AMW partners with Olympic athletes, world champions and sport teams for a variety of sponsorship and endorsement projects.

Exhibits & Fairs

We connect well established exhibits and fairs with brands to increase exposure and attract a strong buying demographic.

Naming Rights

We provide naming rights support to major construction projects and well established arenas.

Special Events

We help special event properties in fashion, entertainment and sports bring their sponsorship efforts to new heights.


Non-profit organizations have a particular need for corporate sponsors to support their events and we help to secure them.

Sponsorship Services

Whether you’re looking to improve your current sponsorship program or develop a new sponsorship program, AMW’s years of successful sponsorship experience can propel your company to great new partnerships. Whatever your sponsorship needs, AMW has a service to meet them. From one-time Sponsorship Proposal writing to a long-term consultancy, AMW can custom craft a solution to best help you and your sponsorship program.

Proposal Development

AMW can help you by writing a detailed proposal for your property outlining all the compelling reasons for a mutually beneficial and lasting partnership. We start the process by meticulously researching your chosen demographic and consumer market, evaluating the best way to present yourself. By targeting your desired demographic we ensure that you make an impactful impression with the decision makers who matter the most. The end product is an eye-catching, professional document optimized for print and digital presentations that you can update and edit at any time.

Program Development

AMW’s Game Plan service might be a great place to start your journey. After reviewing your previous efforts, our team will provide you with an outline for the future of your sponsorship efforts for the future, saving you time and money and allowing you to more accurately plan for the future.

AMW’s in-depth, comprehensive Program Development service is a collaborative effort that includes Proposal Writing but adds in new services and extended level of collaboration that will help you to further develop your sponsorship program. AMW’s team of experts will guide you through the overwhelming process of property valuation and help you find the value of your assets as well as helping you develop a winning sales strategy. Team AMW is available to answer any of your questions, and they’ll even announce any new developments to the media.

Sponsorship Sales

Select projects may qualify for assistance with sales. Speak with our team and determine if your business would be suitable to partner with AMW on sales. For most projects we recommend to start with our program development services. If accepted, we will reach out on your behalf to suitable partners and pitch your sponsorship program.

Sponsorship Consulting

For those who need just a bit more support and expertise, AMW Sponsorship services can extend to consultation services. While working with your consultant you can begin to research specific, targeted Sponsors you would like to partner with. With this hands-on service, AMW can not only negotiate the best deals for you but also manage secured sponsorships leaving you free to focus on other facets of your business. Working with a consultant also means that you will be a part of the AMW network and have access to exciting new opportunities to partner with vetted partners.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sports events, art fairs & exhibits, music festivals, concert tours, and fashion events are all amazing ways to showcase your brand and market your company. Let an AMW professional tell you more about how attaching your name to these events can help you reach your goals.

Sponsorships are one of the prime ways to increase your profile, market to your target market and build value for your company. Let the team at AMW help you navigate the world of sponsorships and optimize your time and money.

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Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit

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    Sponsorship Power
    Toolkit for Developing Sponsorship Proposals
    Make a winning sponsorship proposal and utilize proven strategies to sell your sponsorship packages.

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  • Includes The Following Documents:
    1. Sales Strategy Guide: How to Pitch & Secure Sponsors
    2. Proposal Templates (Word, Excel)
    3. Sample Sponsorship Letters
    4. Sponorship Proposal Examples
    5. Press Release Examples
    6. Sponsorship Agreement Template
    7. Pitching Spreadsheet (Excel)

    Format: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel (will work on all computers, PC & MAC)

  • The Toolkit is Suitable for:
    Event promoters & planners
    Educational Institutions
    Exhibits and Fairs
    Government Agencies
    Venue Owners
    Labels & Musicians
    Athletic Teams
    Other Organizations

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