Sponsorship Consulting

We help clients improve their sponsorship efforts worldwide

    • Proposal Review

      contact us Timeline: 2 wk
      • Review of current Material
      • Demographic & market Targeting
      • Sponsorship proposal Optimization
      • Package/level Review
      • Pie charts or Mockup Ideas
      • Layout Suggestions
    • Sponsorship Consulting

      large projects only Timeline: 12 mo
      • Sponsorship Strategy
      • Collateral Optimization
      • Sponsorship Research
      • Property Valuation
      • Negotiation Support
      • Sponsorship Management

AMW has experience in successful sponsorship negotiations with roles on both sides of the table. We now provide entities looking to place their sponsorship dollars with services to fit their particular needs. This includes Advisory and Opportunity evaluation, Sponsorship Placement and Management, Sponsorship Proposal Review and the like.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Event sponsorship is one of the best ways to get extra mileage out of your advertising and promotional budget, and AMW has a variety of extraordinary events to which you can attach your company’s name.

Included among the events that carry our sponsorships are sports events, art fairs & exhibits, music festivals, concert tours and fashion events. Each of these opportunities can be packaged to meet your specific needs and goals.

Industry Expertise


We represent notable music and film festival properties that offer attractive sponsorship and activation opportunities for their sponsor partners.


AMW partners with Olympic athletes, world champions and sport teams for a variety of sponsorship and endorsement projects.

Exhibits & Fairs

We connect well established exhibits and fairs with brands to increase exposure and attract a strong buying demographic.

Naming Rights

We provide naming rights support to major construction projects and well established arenas.

Special Events

We help special event properties in fashion, entertainment and sports bring their sponsorship efforts to new heights.


Non-profit organizations have a particular need for corporate sponsors to support their events and we help to secure them.

Sponsorship Power™ Toolkit

  • sponsorship proposal Sponsorship Power™
    How-to Toolkit for Developing Sponsorship Proposals
    The Sponsorship Power Toolkit™ gives you everything you need in order to secure sponsors. Learn how to make a winning sponsorship proposal and utilize our powerful strategies to sell your sponsorship packages.

    Get Instant Access To: Sales Strategy, Proposal Templates, Sample Letters, Sponsorship Proposal Examples, Agreement Templates and Much More.

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  • Includes The Following Documents:
    1. Sponsorship Strategy Guide: How to Pitch & Secure Sponsors
    2. Sponsorship Proposal Templates (Word, Excel)
    3. Sample Sponsorship Letters
    4. Sponorship Proposal Examples
    5. Press Release Examples
    6. Sponsorship Agreement Template
    7. Pitching Spreadsheet (Excel)

    Format: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel (will work on all computers, PC & MAC)

  • The Toolkit is Suitable for:
    Event promoters & planners
    Educational Institutions
    Exhibits and Fairs
    Government Agencies
    Venue Owners
    Labels & Musicians
    Athletic Teams
    Other Organizations

  • sponsorship kit
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Sponsorship Benefits


Exclusive naming rights and extensive display throughout the entire event space


Large exhibit space to showcase and sell your products or services at the sponsored event


Category exclusivity and multiyear contracts


Great brand alignment and activation opportunities


Complimentary tickets, VIP benefits and incentive programs for clients, new customers and employees

We tailor packages to fit with your objectives..

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