Factors That Make Your Event Memorable

We all remember the good events we went to, and we also remember the bad events we went to. Then there are the completely forgettable events we went to, which we don’t even remember anymore, because nothing notable happened at them. If you are holding an event then you probably want to make it memorable in a good way. It isn’t hard to do this, you just have to consider the following few factors.

Make it fun

What will people do at the event? You don’t need games or a bouncy castle at the event (though, we must say, bouncy castles are a positive addition to pretty much every event except funerals and wakes). You just need to make sure that the people who are at the event have something to do. If you make people stand around for an hour with nothing to do, they are going to get bored and leave. They are also not going to remember anything about the event. Try to arrange some activities, some entertainment, or even some conversation starters.

Let people mingle

A great way to make an event memorable is to allow people to meet each other. You don’t want people sitting around awkwardly; you want them talking to each other and creating new relationships. There’s a lot you can do to make your event friendlier. You can arrange the seats in a way that people cannot sit alone or just as a couple. You can put some conversation pieces around. You can even do something as simple as hanging a few classic movie posters; the people around the movie posters will have something to talk to each other about.

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Focus on lighting for the photos

You know what people do not forget? Good photos of themselves. If your event is a good place for photographs you have pretty much guaranteed that it will be memorable. People are going to post pictures of it on their own social media accounts. People are going to set their photo from the event as their profile picture, and your event will be remembered for a long time. The best method is to get the lighting right. Read up a few blogs about lighting conditions for photographs, and make sure that your event has lighting that makes people look good. Soft lighting, for example, makes blemishes and pimples harder to see, and makes people look like they are glowing. If you cannot change lighting of the whole venue, simply make sure there’s a corner where the lighting is good. You’ll see people naturally congregating there to have their pictures taken.


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