How to Highlight Your Success without Sounding like You’re Full of Yourself

There are many people who love to boast and brag, when in reality, they haven’t achieved even half the accomplishments that they claim to. Such people have a tendency to go on and on for ages without giving others a chance to speak, and let’s face it, nobody likes such people.

In many cases, the possibility that the person isn’t bragging and is simply stating facts is overlooked due to the high level of jealousy and egoistic competitiveness that exists in our society. This is especially bothersome for those of us who actually have accomplished a lot, in life, but aren’t taken seriously because it is difficult to talk about your success and accomplishments without sounding like you’re full of yourself.
However, there is a right way to highlight your success and accomplishments without sounding like someone who is full of themselves, but this has to be done considerately. If you would like to be able to talk about your successes and accomplishments without sounding conceited, read on:

The Tone of Your Voice

How you choose to narrate your story is entirely up to you, but if you want to garner the attention of people, and if you really want people to listen, it is essential that you pay extra attention to the tone of your voice while you do so. The tone you use while telling your story is the tone that people will remember it in. If you tell the story of your success with enthusiasm, you are likely to have people in front of you who actually want to listen.

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Show Gratitude

The one mistake that most people make is to go on and on about how they did whatever it was that eventually led to their success, and how they are skilled and smart and intelligent and unbeatable and so on. What’s wrong with that is the fact that there is a huge lack of gratitude. Using sentences like “I could barely believe it” shows that you are proud of what you did but that you are also thankful for the way it turned out. Sentences like “I already knew I would (achieve, accomplish, etc.,) so I wasn’t surprised”, while you’re telling your story, make you sound unappreciative and conceited, not confident.

Get a Sidekick

Getting a sidekick or a wingman can help you highlight your success immensely. The reason why this works is because you won’t really have to do much of the talking. Having someone who backs up the story of your success lends an air of credibility and humility. With someone by your side to narrate your story for you or speak of your success, you get to highlight your success and not sound conceited. However, your sidekick must be honest and represent your story accurately. If you and your wingman get caught in a lie, then you can let go of the chances that anyone would ever trust, let alone believe, the story of your success.

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