Get Your Music More Plays with These Easy Steps

The days of just uploading your music on SoundCloud or YouTube are long gone. If you want your music to be successful, you need to have a plan in place to get your music in front of more listeners. It is next to impossible to get your music more plays if you don’t have many followers or a plan for letting the world know of your music. Using platforms like SoundCloud can be instrumental in this, but for your tracks to really stand out on such a platform, considering a dedicated SoundCloud promotion strategy can be a game-changer. Here are some surefire tips that will make your songs more popular:

Cover a Well-Known Song

When you are trying to break into the music industry, being original is a key ingredient, but since you don’t have enough backing or a fan following, you wouldn’t want to risk your original content being copied off by someone more famous. One of the best strategies to get your music more plays is to cover a popular song. Covering a hit song and putting your own cool spin to it will definitely get more attention because people are always looking for different versions for it online. If people like your cover, they will definitely come back to listen to your other songs as well.

Use Words from Other Well-Known Song Titles

This is a piggybacking strategy to attract more people. There are have been cases of independent or lesser known bands with common songs names that have gotten a spike in their music sales simply because there was another chart-topping song with a similar or exact title. Now, this isn’t to say you copy a song name word for word every time, but you can definitely use common words.

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Make Yourself Known

Sometimes you have to go and make people listen to your music physically. Head out to places where people will be open to listening to new and different music such as clubs, bars, music stores, radio stations, colleges and ask them to play your music there. Contact podcasters and ask them if they will be willing to use your music in their episodes.

Make a Music Video

If you are willing to and have a budget to do so, then making a music video will definitely help you get your music more plays. Make sure that it is unique and interesting and matches with the theme of your song. Share the video on all your social media platforms with a link for streaming and downloading.

Get On a Streaming Playlist

Streaming websites, such as Spotify, are websites that are focused on people sharing great music with each other. Spotify lets people create their own playlists. You can get popular depending on how much you share or the type of music you put on Spotify. If people add your work in their playlists, then your music will get more plays easily.

Have a Pre-Release Plan

Look to build lasting relationships with different people in the business so that they can spread the word about your music. These people include other artists, publicists, fans, friends, bloggers and influencers. You can even comment on other people’s pages and mention your music link so that others can check it out.

With these easy steps, your music will surely get more plays and will be streamed more often.

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