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Instagram is one of many social media platforms where people are motivated to grow and build their audience or fan base. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to connect with others, make a full-time or part-time income, or showcase your skill in content creation or business Instagram is the place to be.

Some may say that this platform is looked at as a resume in the digital world. Whilst this is true, there are ways to be able to get verified in the midst of producing who you are online in this app. A digital badge does not define who you are overall as we are all equal, but it is high in competition to getting verified and Instagram takes necessary action to be sure that they are verifying the right people with good reason.

Getting verified is great for well-known people as there are accounts that may be impersonating them, many fan pages, and overall it is good for their brand identity to be verified for others to know their official pages when they are in the media for different events. It is much easier for business and/or public figures in this capacity to be verified as they are easy to google, but what if you are just a regular person looking for verification or if you are an upcoming musician/business owner that isn’t as big, but would like to verify your existence in your niche?

These are some ongoing questions for those that are interested in this, but Instagram also updates their terms and conditions periodically for those to get all information that is needed on this. Here are some tips that you can take in the meantime to try to get verified!

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The first step to Instagram verification is to be sure your photos and overall content posted is of you and authentic as it will help with the process of getting the account authenticated. This will help the platform to be sure that it is you that needs verification and isn’t a fan page or other page trying to impersonate you to be verified. Along with this will have to be legal identification, so Instagram will also confirm your identity by asking for you to upload a proper document of a driver’s license, ID, or passport as a supporting document. 

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Instagram verification processes are more successful when the person that is applying for it has a nice variation of press about themselves in the media. Sometimes the easiest way is if you’re already searchable in the media or in different news sources as this confirms that you are being talked about in the spotlight or that there’s a lot of recognition out there for you as a brand, entrepreneur, or overall public figure.

You can prove this by sending over links within the form as a source for them to checkout and can make the process of getting verified much easier when there are more supporting details.

Public Figure Or Company

If you are not necessarily a “public figure” trying to be verified, but you have a business that you would like to be verified for so that customers and potential prospects can formally know that the business is legit through the social media light, you are still able to apply as a business owner! Instagrams process for this through applying your verification application is also similar to applying to be verified for public figure purposes. 

Sending over supporting legal documents that you are the owner of your business, and also through Company registration documents can increase your chances of being approved for verification.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not count being in paid promotion, sponsored content, or meme pages to be included in being able to get verified. Although there are remarkable pages that have a lot of followers as entertainment meme pages, relatable quotes pages, or even as people being reputable influencers that have worked with a lot of brands, This is not a qualification of being verified.

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Instagrams priority with getting people verified holds a lot of weight if you are a notable company or person in news sources, have some publications in the media, and if you are well-known in the general public eye. If there are ways that you can prove some of those qualifications will make it a great chance of successfully getting approved.


Simple steps that you can take would be to be sure that your account is open to the public and not private during and before applying to verification. When submitting for verification to be represented as a person or a business takes time but it can also be a simple and possible process if there is some recognition out there for you. Overall, ensuring that your Instagram is up to date and authentic, along with supporting news sources with this will help with this.

Note that if you are denied with the process, Instagram will make you wait 30 days to be able to apply again so be sure that you are prepared and ready with backup sources to get approved or when you try again!

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