How To Get Started With Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is making marketing for businesses easier than ever. This is not only beneficial to businesses but is making influencers themselves have many opportunities to work for themselves. For many influencers, they are able to turn their work into a career as they are able to brand themselves effectively by partnering with brands that they believe in and promote products that they would use in their day-to-day lives.

Although it takes a lot of hard work to get started and time to adjust to the influencer world, anyone can get started with jumping into influencer marketing and building their own brand. Here are a few ways you can get started today:


Most people that are interested in doing influencing think that they need a macro following to start off. This is a popular misconception and holds people back from simply getting started. You can easily start reaching out to brands with a lower following of 1k. Brands care about following and engagement to an extent, but your content is what sets you apart from other influencers and what content strategies you could create to market a product or service for partnering with brands as well. Focusing on consistent, high-quality content instead of numbers is key to start branding yourself and with starting out. 

Reach Out To Brands

To get a head start with brands checking out your content and setting yourself up for building a relationship; Producing content and tagging each brand that you’ve included in your photo will better the chances of landing a collaboration. This is a good method for those that are trying to get their foot in the door and is a good way to start getting recognized as you would be showing interest and familiarity with the brand before you decide to reach out regarding a partnership opportunity.

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Starting off with the goal of working with your favorite brands and getting paid for it can be a slow process and more work that you may have to put in first before seeing results just like anything else. The most effective way to get experience with working with brands and building up a portfolio for potential paid partnerships is by offering services of free photo/video content to create for the brand and/or posting on your feed free of charge just to start off. This can be a fast and efficient way to start hearing “yes’s” next time when inquiring about a paid opportunity.

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Affiliate Marketing

Another option with getting started with influencer marketing is sharing the products you may already have enjoyed showcasing to your audience and joining ambassador programs. These involve signing up and based on content, following you’re able to join and receive great incentives that sometimes involve discount codes, free product or service to share to your audience, or just a platform for sharing products and once you get others to purchase through a special link customized for you and your audience; You’re able to receive commission and be paid! 

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This option is especially unique as some platforms may not require a ton of following to get started with this and it’s more of naturally sharing what products you enjoy and you can strive for sales if you want.

These tips are great ways for beginners that want to get started in the marketing/influencer world. After trying these out you will have the opportunity to see what it would be like if you would want to pursue something like this full-time or part-time or even as a hobby.

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