Summer Software Guide; 5 Products to increase Productivity

Even though summer is a time that a lot of folks like to spend at the beach and having outdoor fun, it is most definitely a time in which consumer activity is way, way up. To make sure that you are properly taking advantage of the upswing, having software that incorporates your marketing, outreach, and project management is really going to make a difference. There are so many software options out there now that it’s hard to decide which ones will really work for your business, and depending on what kind of business you run, there are still a lot of decisions to be made. If you are an office manager, keeping your sales in order and tracking metrics for productivity of your employees is very important; and keeps your day running smoothly and quickly. For others, toning down the aspects of the web that don’t apply to their business, or solving an efficiency problem is their key need for software. One thing is true, there are many more options available than ever; and we’ll highlight a few that will rev up your entrepreneurial spirit to be more productive in the hot days of potential profitability!logo_color

Many marketers and techhies yearned for awhile for an open source replacement for Microsoft Office, and with this it was given to them. The only application that is considered an up to date and adequate replacement, it also has new features like PDF exporting, and a slick way to open HTML files. The updated version is muck sleeker and user friendly, and enables you to get tons done with documents whether in the hotel room, airport lounge, or Amtrak station. Still a bit rugged and basic, it’s comparable to other great source goodies like Audacity, in that it delivers while being functional.

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Sometimes what it really takes to give you the ultimate in productivity kick is to add a little kinetic java to a PowerPoint presentation. What people really love about this software is the way in which it pulls up images to keywords you type in the text, and the amazing transitions in its arsenal. Creating out of this world info graphics and presentations will make you the star of the conference room, or give you a prime piece of wizardry to link to from YouTube or your home page. It’s a very “smart” platform that suggests elements for your presentation, and can know what will jazz it up perfectly. At many junctions in business, you’re going to get to the point where your visuals will need a lot more oomph than what comes with the basics.

Milanote Review | PCMag


Milanote is a user-friendly tool to keep organized and helps creatives to efficiently add ideas for projects to stay on track with an everyday schedule. Aside from the traditional method of calendars and paper notes to staying up on task completion; Digitally planning and even utilizing vision boards is the newest way to get things done and to improve time management. The Milanote platform makes these necessities an all-in-one and gives users a digital experience with staying up to date with planning via the vision board method, keeps things collectively all in one place, and makes it collaboratively easy to work in sync with your team in real-time.



Anyone that wants to be productive has at one point wished for their email to follow a few basic rules. Sanebox creates filters to control what you receive in your email, giving you more time to find prospects, work on product design, or manage your most important contacts. It starts at 7 dollars a month, and users rave that filtering messages they wantto scan but not necessarily read is a prime feature. It works for web based email and accounts based on exchange servers, and its first task is setting up a new “Sane later” folder that contains messages from emails you have never corresponded to or from. You can really achieve lightening fast completion of your to do list when the clutter is out of your way!

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A tool that really is the pinnacle of project management, this application keeps people that are physically apart from each other on the same page. Creating deadlines, priority and labeling options, and prioritizing tasks are all presented in a pretty rich, easy to use format, with incredibly versatile user functions. There are so many different ways to present tasks, have conversations about unfinished ones, and apply tags that it could be considered the management app of choice. Easily saving you from making mistakes if you are in a hurry, it has features that can prevent you from trashing projects and ideas on accident.

dnsDragon Naturally Speaking

Truly the top voice and dictation software, this is the real Dragon’s lair for productivity. Said to be the most futuristic seeming, you can use it for very high tech closed captioning, and full system commands. Once you use software like this, you will find it very difficult to ever go back without it, especially if you have had minor arthritis or carpal tunnel issues. The full version comes with a microphone that is needed for use, and in no time you’ll be speaking not only your scripts and documents, but commands for your entire system use and navigation. The tool bar is as minimal as it gets, and allows for open cruising with your voice once you’re up and running. Once Google Glass technology really gets mainstream, something may dwarf this application; but at this time it’s top of the line and a massive productivity booster.

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