The Science of YouTube: Reaching a large Audience with the Right Content


The explosion of the medium

Years ago, when you were a band trying to reach the right audience, videos were on VHS tapes. Now with the digital mediums and web portals like YouTube available, we scoff at how primitive those times seemed! According to the Nielsen ratings system, YouTube reaches more people aged 18-34 than any cable network. Now, that is a staggering fact. It is no wonder that content providers, artists, and marketing gurus have been flocking to the virtual hub for years now. And with many consumers cutting the cable wire and just getting their entertainment from the web, it’s very obvious that the high viewership and buzz is here to stay. Just to think that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute… tells us how important it is to reach the right audience with your content; this is not a sensation to skip over or be left out on.

Options available to rope the right viewers in

To effectively gain the right audience, you need to construct a channel. Whether you are a band, product, label, or restaurant, the channel is a landing page that people click on once they have seen something they like. There are a few different ways to get folks to your channel. One of the best is by posting a channel trailer that really draws folks in. The user may be specifically looking for your trailer, or may stumble across it from keyword ads, or better yet, organic word of mouth. The channel trailer will need to have a lot of oomph, bells and whistles, and be a rather rich collage of ideas you want to convey. Another great tip as we talked to folks that were experts in the YouTube realm is your channel icon. One entrepreneur who owns a brewery said that he wished he would have picked something that looks good even at low resolutions, and is working right now to correct that flaw. The flaw was not fatal, but still had some folks asking for something easier on the eyes.

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Maintaining the feed and daily chores

Just like Twitter or Facebook, when users come to a social media hub, they want to see that it is current. If you are incredibly short on time, don’t panic! You can at least maintain your feed by liking and commenting on other videos, one of the most important things you can do to increase your visibility. It is important to note that this will not be as good as uploading new content, but can get you by for a while. It is of more importance than ever now to realize that in these times, people really need to laugh. Subjects on YouTube who are willing to laugh at themselves always rock it high on the likeability charts. Above all, patience is a virtue. Don’t just throw up old videos and slam viewers. Constantly linking back to your other social media and praising other brands who you like is the key to organic traffic. Just when you think that no one is noticing you, they probably are. And that’s the best time to post your creative, awesome, and quirky content!

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