Tips to Get More Comfortable on Camera for Your YouTube Video

Being camera shy is far more common than you would think. If you’re watching your favorite vloggers and wondering how they manage to look so natural, it might comfort you to know that once, they were extremely camera shy too. If you’re wondering how you too could get more comfortable on the camera for your YouTube video, here are some tips to help you out.

Get Some Inspiration

Before you start vlogging, take some time to research and watch other vloggers. What you want to study is the way they deliver their point. Learn from them, pay attention to their style, and pick out what you find engaging about their camera presence, from the way they talk to the way they dress on camera. Don’t just look to imitate them, learn from them, and use them as a standard.

Overcoming What to Say

No vlogger just starts out saying things off the top of their heads; they always have a script prepared and so should you. Having a script is like having a safety line. You will know what to say with better conviction, get your point across with clarity, and stick to the point you want to make. Moreover, try and pick content that you are more confident in talking about and can are not afraid of covering it in depth. By sticking to what you know, you will avoid feeling stiff and awkward on camera too.

Your Posture

In vlogging, your body language will play a role as well. Most vloggers deliver their video while standing since it makes a huge difference. Your posture will be more open and lend an air of confidence, you will have more space to move, and your breath will be deeper, allowing you to talk in a more relaxed manner. Delivering a vlog while sitting might seem more comfortable to you but it makes your posture submissive and closed off, you don’t get to incorporate a lot of movement in your body and your breathing won’t be as relaxed, making you sound as if you are short of breath.

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Once you have your script written, try practicing it in a mirror. If a script makes you sounds too rehearsed or mechanical, try making out an outline that covers the main topic and you can flesh out the content as you go. Pretend that you are talking to a friend, giving them advice or just having a discussion with them in general.
If your voice sounds strained or you are stammering, try some tongue twisters or try humming a theme song with your mouth open and closed too. Once you’ve got everything worked out, make a practice vlog that you don’t post. Study it to see where you are lacking and figure out how to correct the issue before you post it. Once you have worked out the little details, post your video.

Don’t worry; it’s all too natural to be nervous, and people will post negative comments every now and then. Just ignore the haters and keep working on becoming a better you on your vlogging channel.

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