Ways To Connect With Fans More as an Artist

Connecting more with your audience to get more reach on your music projects can benefit you and your fan base! Most Artists enjoy letting their Audience know when they’ve released something or when they can expect to hear more of their latest projects; but on the fans end, they miss out on interacting with their favorite Artist and it can be more impactful to set aside time to actually get creative with sharing your work in different ways. Here are some tips that can benefit you as an Artist and your supporters as well.

Utilize All Platforms

Using all platforms that you may be social on is good to not pull all your energy into just 1 platform. You might discover that sharing music on other platforms like Youtube or Twitter can draw more attention to your music and there could be other potential Listeners as well! Instagram is a top platform for many users and they sometimes will get caught up on building an audience on just 1 platform which is great; but once you know what to expect from your audience on their try moving all your content to another one and see what reach you can get from there.

A nice way to build hype around your music as well is Tik Tok as it’s a much newer trendier way to get a song to go viral. You can connect with your audience by starting a fun trend or challenge utilizing the platform and seeing what fans or potential influencers could get some creative ideas together to help promote your latest projects. This way, You’ll be able to get good feedback on a new song, can make it easier to listen from new audiences and it’s a great way for others to remember you as an Artist by the dance challenge or trend that you or your supporters get to go viral.

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Go Live with Audience

Many people forget to use all of Instagram’s resources. A good way to connect with your Audience is to utilize Live video chatting to be able to see what your audience is up to and they’ll be able to connect with you personally outside of listening to your music which can build trust and fan loyalty. Before going live to make the most out of the Live video session, set a reminder to let your audience know via insta story when they can expect you to go live so that they know when to tune in. This can be helpful to maximize the amount of viewers that are coming in and can build up excitement for them to expect to connect more with you.

When going Live, Instagram gave an amazing option to not just be able to show up and talk to people but now people can be able to hop on the call with you! You can set this up with your fans once you are live by telling them to use the Request to join button within the Live video call and this can create an overall more personable experience to let them know you appreciate them as a supporter and that you care about your fan loyalty! Most Artists or highly inspirational public figures forget that their supporters really do care about a 10 second recognition from their favorite person and this can make a huge difference in the way you brand yourself as an Artist.

Do giveaways

Giveaways are a way that you can draw more attention to your platform to bring in new listeners and also is a way to give back to current supporters. With giveaways, you have the freedom to get creative with deciding how you want to host what product you want to give away or what steps your followers have to take in order to win. This can also be a collaborative effort and you can bring in another artist to help with the giveaway as the objective is to gain a newer audience and to get people to actually engage with your post; In this case, the objective would be to get more engagement with streams, merch or to just get people to check you out as an Artist which is a great way to connect and for promotional purposes.

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When setting up a giveaway it’s best to think about what you want to give away. It could be a high value of items or simply merch if you have something a part of your brand that you want people to check out. Once you decide on the product, decide on steps the audience would have to do in order to win: This could be tagging a friend under a post of your song, reposting your song or video on their insta story or page or following you.

This has been a good method to boost reach, engagement and to get discovered by new people that are interested in your work. Be sure when doing the giveaway that it closely relates to your brand and is on target to what audience you want to bring to your page as well.


With taking time out to shout out your fans, it can show that you see their support and that you’re human! Usually, fans tend to do posts where they show off their favorite songs or artists and tag you but artists may not respond. It’s good to be able to like and engage with things that you’re getting tagged in whether it’s fan art, fun video clips that they’ve put together for you etc.. Simply liking or commenting as well as reposting things to your story and tagging them can show that you care about the time and effort that they put in to showing you off as their favorite artist and is one of the simplest ways out of all tips to connect more with your audience, but is also one of the fewer things that most artists don’t do as often as they should.

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As an artist it can sometimes be overwhelming to receive so much support that you may forget that it’s okay to connect with your fans and take time out to let them know their support doesn’t go unnoticed. Trying out these tips can uniquely set you apart from artists that don’t really incorporate these tasks into their everyday schedule and you will be great for experiencing more genuine fan love!

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