TikTok Hacks To Go Viral This Year

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TikTok has easily become one of the many platforms where people can create various forms of video content and have access to the unlimited algorithm. It’s been one of the trendiest and favorite places for creators to want to share and upload their content too and when done right it can be an easy platform to gain recognition and grow rapidly. Similar to Instagram Reels that people also enjoy and is also a similar outlet for a fun way to do promotion; TikTok is a major competitor as the algorithm is fairer and the platform is more specific for gaining a presence through just video content.

Many people have had the chance to go viral and get discovered through the newer platform, and it has also been a game changer for kicking off music artist careers, exposure for business services and music promotion as well as a new way of influencer marketing. 

Here are some ways creators on the platform blew up and tips you should follow to have a better chance at going viral on the TikTok Platform.

Monitoring Hashtags

When using hashtags on TikTok; minimal usage will go a long way. It is best to use fewer hashtags so that you can avoid getting shadowbanned which will make it harder for people to come across your content. Shadowban rules also involve using banned hashtags, using copyrighted music, following and unfollowing a lot of people etc., Unlike Instagram, were using the maximum hashtag limit of 30 per post It’s best to use at least 4 on TikTok as it will find your target audience for you so that your content is gaining the right reach in your niche. 

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It is also recommended to see what the trending hashtags are in the app. This way it can maximize chances of going viral when you use at least 1-2 trending hashtags and pair them with 2 more relevant hashtags related to your post. When coming up with creative content ideas with TikTok; It is best to see what content they are already pushing out on the discover page to help with ideas on what to post. 


TikTok has the option to “remix” an already created video within the app. This makes it easy to create a reaction video to comedy content or any form of video you think your audience would find interesting for you to view and give feedback on. With this option of remixing content makes it an easy way for people to get discovered on the app, Especially with a video that a creator has already gained virality with. This not only gives other users the chance to check out another creator, but it can also cross-promote the accounts to gaining followers when you do a remix video. 

Repurposing Content

Seeing how other content from platforms does on the TikTok platform is a good way to test out what your audience from separate platforms will be most interested in. If there’s any video content used from IG Reels videos that didn’t do too well, try repurposing some on the TikTok platform and using relevant hashtags from the discover page. Some creators have noticed that when uploading the same video content on both TikTok and Instagram platforms, videos posted on the TikTok platform have worked well in their favor due to the algorithm. 

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Taking time to edit outside of the TikTok app and uploading can help out your content in the long run as editing in the TikTok platform has limited options. When editing, things to consider within the video is utilizing the voice over option has been an efficient way for creators to connect with their audience. This feature gives more detail of what’s going on in the video rather than putting clips together depending on what’s going on as well as being able to include text overlays on the videos to make it more interesting to view. 


Staying consistent on the TikTok platform is key like any other platform to see the best results and to grow an audience. TikTok is unique when it comes to posting consistently as you don’t have to necessarily stick to a niche in order to grow popularity and attract a specific target audience. By creating consistent videos on the platform you can test out trends from fashion, comedy, reaction videos etc. With trying out different trends and different forms of video content different ones may gain popularity equally vs. Instagram being a stronger strategy to grow from when you’ve established yourself in one specific niche.

TikTok Promotion for Music

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, TikTok has emerged as a pivotal platform for music promotion, leveraging the influential power of its content creators. By collaborating with influencers, musicians can tap into a vast, engaged audience, harnessing the app’s unique algorithm that favors creative, trend-driven content. These influencers, often with followers in the millions and a deep understanding of the platform’s nuances, create short, captivating videos that seamlessly integrate a track, making it a central element of their content. This approach not only amplifies the song’s reach but also embeds it within popular culture, often leading to viral trends.

The music becomes a backdrop to a variety of content, from dance challenges and lip-syncs to comedic skits, thereby reaching diverse audience segments. This TikTok promotion strategy not only boosts stream counts but also enhances brand awareness for the artist, often translating into a significant spike in their online presence and engagement across multiple social media platforms. The symbiotic relationship between TikTok influencers and musicians marks a new era in digital music promotion, where virality and brand identity intertwine in the ever-evolving tapestry of social media trends.

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