Why professional branding is important to achieve success

professional_brandingCreating Branding that Drives You Forward

Branding is one of the most important concepts we have in marketing these days. Branding has always been a necessary part of doing business but it has become even more important due to the widespread use of the internet and social media. A brand is basically a personality; it is a set of visuals and values which allows people to gravitate towards you. Branding is equally important for artists and consumer brands alike. A brand is what someone perceives about your image when they look at the media or products made by you.

Empowering Products

We have worked with clients like the NBA, Red Bull, Qatar Airways, NFL, Macy’s, Oakley, HBO, MTV, and many others. We know what branding can do. If you want to understand the importance of branding, we are going to go further back, back before the advent of the internet, to show you the power of branding. You may be surprised to know this but Marlboro was originally targeted towards women. Marlboro was started in 1925 and its tagline was “Mild as May”. Market research showed that women preferred lighter flavored cigarettes and Marlboro was one of the few cigarettes on the market that was filtered.

Then the 1950s came along and the link between cancer and smoking became clear. Marlboro knew they couldn’t market on the basis of filters anymore, since all brands were slowly starting to attach filters to cigarettes. So they rebranded themselves as an aggressively masculine brand according to the norms of that time. This led to the creation of the Marlboro man and the whole cowboy image Marlboro is known for today. Branding, in the timeframe of a year or two, switched a product from being feminine to masculine without changing anything about the product itself.

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The Power of Branding

This is the power of branding; it tells consumers what they should think about your product. Our client portfolio is full of some of the biggest brands in the world because we have a proven track record when it comes to working with brands. When you decide on your own branding, you decide what the conversation about you will be like. If you are launching a new product or a new artist, then the public at large needs some help in understanding how they should perceive the product.

Succeeding through Branding

How does branding help you succeed? Branding tells an existing segment of the consumers that what you are promoting is related to their interests. This means that if you are launching a consumer brand then you need to ensure that everything about your branding fits with your target market. We have done some wildly different branding campaigns, because branding is about defining what is unique about each product, company, or artist. For example when you make an artist’s branding clear, you make it easy for music lovers to find them. People will know that a particular artist is someone they should listen to if the branding matches the genre of the music. We are all looking for things and people who understand us; branding is the way to make others understand your identity and relate to it.

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