Here’s how publicity can help elevate your brand: Awareness / Credibility / Buzz builder

We all know publicity can be helpful to a brand but there is often confusion about what publicity aims to achieve. Publicity basically helps you with 3 important factors: Awareness, Credibility, and Buzz building. A good publicist can ensure that everyone knows about your brand and the latest information about your company’s products and services. Awareness You can’t be a successful brand if people do not know about you. We live …

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10 Steps for Successful Music PR

Music is one of the industries in which PR has an enormous effect on performance. We all know about great artists in the music industry who aren’t as notable as they should be. Getting the right momentum through the right PR can result in an artist gaining popularity and people talking about their work while missed opportunities can result in even a great artist remaining undiscovered by the majority. Take …

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Upcoming PR Events: 5 Industry Conventions you don’t want to miss

As of late, there have been many events that will inspire your staff, drive new ideas, and ultimately have you figuring out ways to run your business more efficiently. When asked what business owners want most while figuring out how to make their business more profitable, one of the number one answers was “Competent PR and branding elements”. Even if PR or SEO related studies were not your employee’s area …

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5 Must Do’s for Effective Brand building

The mixture of the absolute best marketing wisdom and having an incredibly cool product are all part of the perfect plan to get your new brand’s name out there and flourish. Having a list of some good things you can do to build your brand will be an iconic first step to organizing your path, and successfully getting the word out. One of the most exciting stages of any brand …

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How to Use a Press Release to get your Project the Attention it Deserves

There is an incredibly true statement out there in the marketing world about publicity and the ways in which you can obtain it. “Some of the most successful people out there are not necessarily the most talented, but the best marketed”. Now, we all know there are amazing exceptions to the rule. Of course some of the acts, artists, and companies that work the hardest of anyone will always dominate …

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How Artists can Benefit from a Digital PR Campaign

Achieving results on a time limit When a band or artist entity is looking to enhance their promotion online, sometimes you may only have 2-3 months to really build up your presence. Reasons could be an upcoming tour in the summer, needing placement on blogs in your niche, and making sure that you are appealing to as large a number as potential fans as possible. Having a press release is …

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Great Publicity; the Necessary Element to Get From the Basement to the Center Stage

When you have reached the point in a creative venture, clothing line, or entertainment personality in which you want to go national or global there are huge issues to consider. The most important element of publicity is that if any type of budget allows, you are having someone call, glean, screen, or otherwise hustle up any contacts that can help you while you work on getting your craft perfected. The …

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InFiction Featured in Flair Magazine’s Latest Issue

Los Angeles based EDM production duo InFiction is featured in the latest issue of Flair Magazine. Dan Asma and Doran Oppenheimer (InFiction) are tightly focused on creating original electronic dance music influenced by their backgrounds as film editors and producers. They recently released their debut EP entitled, “When I’m With You” and have created original dub step remixes of popular tracks like Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ . Flair is the 1st …

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10 Rules for PR Pros Infographic

In the early 1960s, Dan Edelman authored these 10 timeless rules for all PR practitioners. Dan began his career as a reporter in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. before he was drafted during World War II, receiving four battle stars and the Commendation Medal. He later became a news writer for CBS and served as PR director for the Toni Company before founding his own firm. Read more

Entertainment Marketing: A Proven Way of Advertising and Product Branding

Since the world is saturated with numerous kinds of entertainment, it has become an advantage for companies to make use of it in promoting their brands.  Businesses have long realized the role that the world of entertainment plays in their success. Big companies would invest millions of dollars to have their products promoted in a popular TV show or endorsed by a well-known celebrity. For those interested in understanding the …

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AMW Introducing Expanded Publicity & PR Services

Publicity is essential to a company’s lifespan. We offer a variety of publicity services that can be combined to create a comprehensive public relations campaign or build a customized campaign to fulfill an immediate need. Sign-up for a free quote today and receive a 15% discount on your first campaign. Link: